Fabulous rates and top-notch customer service!

Patel Currency Exchange opened in January 2019. We offer fabulous rates on foreign currencies and service that can’t be beat. We can also send and receive money via Western Union.

For Western Union, we can accept debit, credit and cash.

Unfortunately for Currency Exchange, it is CASH ONLY for the time being, and we apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

Give us a call today or stop by our gorgeous store to check out our rates!



PCE Lobby

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Travelling or Visiting

Whether you are a local resident getting ready to travel, or you’re from afar visiting us here, we are here to help! We are easy to get to as well, whether it be by foot, car or bus. We are seconds from the QEW and only minutes from Clifton Hill!

Easy & Secure

We value your time, so we will be as quick as we can while helping you. You also never have to worry about receiving a counterfeit banknote from us, as our staff have the knowledge and skills to check incoming notes for that!

Quick Money

Sending or receiving money from Western Union? Choose MONEY IN MINUTES or DIRECT TO BANK get it there quickly!

Social Media

Follow us on social media to stay in the know! We will post about new currencies we get, great rates and new services we offer. Facebook and IG: @patelcurrencyexchange Twitter: @patelcurrency


With Western Union, you can send money or receive money to and from just about anywhere in the world. Money is sent in local currency and picked up in local currency as well, all for a small fee that Western Union has set.

Are you a frequent user of Western Union? Consider downloading the app and signing up for My WU for storage of sender and receiver details to make things go faster. Stop by and we can explain more, give you a pamphlet, or you can check them out online of course!



Services We Offer:

  • Currency Exchange
  • Wire Transfer (Direct to Bank) – Coming Soon!
  • Western Union – Send Money
  • Western Union – Receive Money

Things to keep in mind for western union SERVICES


Bring ID

It’s always good to have a government-issued piece of ID on you. It’s 100% needed if sending or receiving money via Western Union.


Verify Your Stuff

Before you leave, count your money and check your receipts. Once a transaction is completed, there isn’t a way to undo it without costing yourself time and money. This includes ensuring the receiver’s name is spelled perfectly, and it’s the right destination, or they won’t be able to pick up their funds.


Don’t Fall For It!

If you’re sending money to someone you haven’t met before, it may be a scam or fraud. If someone sends you money and tells you to turn around and send it somewhere else after taking your cut, it may be a scam. Call the WESTERN UNION FRAUD HOTLINE for any questions, comments, observations or concerns:

Or visit: wu.com/fraudawareness

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